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Welcome to Guiding Light Academy, A Private Elementary School with a mission to nurture and develop children in Junior and Senior Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 6.

At Guiding Light Academy, our forte is our enriched curriculum. Our 21st century teaching places a focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Each and every child participates in various activities conducted by professionals from reputable Canadian Institutions as a part of their daily schedule. This includes physical education, music, ballet, karate, drama and gymnastics.

Lumen Veritatis Academy also offers a Catholic spiritual guidance program. The Academy focuses on developing a deeper love for God,  the Holy Eucharist and Our Lady. We aim to instill a love of our faith and encourage active participation thought continuous faith formation through exposure to the Word of God and the lives of Saints. Since Kindergarten our students are taught the basics of the importance of prayer in their lives. Students will learn how to make the Sign of the Cross. Students will be taught to recite the common prayers and focus on the Virtues.

Guiding Light Academy is convieniently located just minutes away from the Streetsville Go Station in Streetsville, Mississauga.

At Guiding Light Academy we strive TOWARDS TOMORROW, TODAY.


Guiding Light Academy will identify and hone the strengths of each child while helping them to imbibe positive values and attitudes thereby shaping your child for success in their future.  We aim to develop a love for learning, self reliance, self regulation and the ability to interact positively with others by fostering character formation as a way to achieve sound habits of life, building foundations on which the structure of the virtuous life will be built. ​The academy follows  a sequence of virtues to ​be ​cultivate​d​ at each age:  ​from four to seven, emphasis is placed on  simple virtues such as obedience, sincerity and order. The practice of patience, perseverance and responsibility are encouraged in the following years. As graduation and entry into high school approach, students are encouraged to work on virtues that help them to deal rightly with logical arguments ​ proper to their age. Truth, Goodness and Beauty form the constant  background to the practice of all these virtues. .


At Guiding Light Academy we will:

  • Provide a safe environment for the holistic development of your child
  • Provide a safe environment for the holistic development of your child
  • Nurture each child to enable them to grow into confident, secure and happy individuals
  • Foster essential social skills required for the development of a well rounded personality
  • Expose your child to an environment that will continually stimulate and challenge them to grow intellectually and develop a desire for lifelong learning
  • Instill the values of compassion, honesty, patience, respect and a sense of responsibility towards the global community
  • Improve expression through different art forms
  • Boost rapid physical growth and overall coordination
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Encourage an inquisitive mind to facilitate critical thinking and leadership skills
  • Endorse sustainable practices within our day care and the greater community
  • Help students to develop an informed conscience, to act responsibly and to embrace their sacramental liturgical life
  • Inspire and ​foster positive relationships and character building inspired by God’s love for all, Goodness, Truth and Beauty


Religious Formation at the Academy

Our goal is sound academic formation in an ambience that teaches students to develop an informed conscience, to act responsibly and to embrace their sacramental liturgical life. Goodness, truth, and beauty, which reflect God Himself, are three qualities that the students are encouraged to practice in their daily studies. Emphasis on personal accountability in fulfilling one’s duties and obligations is an essential part of Lumen Veritatis Academy’s effort to build the student’s character.

The Spiritual Guidance is under the full responsibility of the Heralds of the Gospel. A basic element in St John Bosco’s method of education, in the growth process of the young consists in a great emphasis on cultivating a sense of happiness and joy in whatever one is doing. This attitude is for both the young and those who counsel them. For more information about our religion studies please email Br. Justin Bonyun at justin.bonyun@lumenveritatis.ca or Br. Gustavo Kralj at gustavo.kralj@lumenveritatis.ca

Sacramental Life

Mass: Lumen Veritatis students, parents and teachers are encouraged to attend daily Mass. Although not part of the Academics, attendance to Holy Mass is most powerful way to transform the hearts by the abundance of grace available in the Eucharist. Beside the nearby parishes, School Masses at the Academy are available as much as circumstances permit. Parents are always welcome to join us at these Masses.

Reception of Sacraments: Although it is the responsibility of the individual parents in co-operation with their parishes to prepare students to receive the Sacraments (Confession, Holy Communion, and Confirmation), the Academy will continue to provide instruction to supplement preparation for these Sacraments.

Prayer: Staff and students pray the Creed and Morning Offering to start the school day. The Gospel of the Day is commented by Heralds of the Gospel brothers. Other devotions (Rosary, Divine Mercy, and Stations of the Cross) are prayed throughout the liturgical year. The Angelus is prayed at noon and each school day closes with the Salve Regina. Each class also begins and ends with a short prayer.

Our spiritual guidance and formation takes its inspiration from Msgr. João Clá Dias, the founder of the Heralds of the Gospel. Msgr. João Clá Dias was born in São Paulo, Brazil. His parents, António Clá Dias and Annitta Scognamiglio Clá Dias, were immigrants from Europe, in whom the Catholic faith, which they had received from their forefathers, was still very vibrant. This lively faith manifested itself early in João. In school, he sought to organize a movement among his classmates to help young people practice a virtuous life. He joined the Marian Congregations, and at the invitation of a teacher, entered the Third Order of the Discalced Carmelites of the Strict Observance, on May 23, 1956 in the city of São Paulo. This event deeply marked his life. He completed his secondary studies at Colégio Estadual Roosevelt and studied law at the prestigious Largo de São Francisco Faculty in São Paulo. During his post-secondary studies he shone as an active Catholic university leader, in the turbulent years preceding the Sorbonne revolution of May 1968. Msgr. João S. Clá Dias is an honourary canon of the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major, in Rome, and Protonotary Apostolic. He has degrees in Philosophy and Theology from the Italo-Brazilian University in São Paulo and a Humanities Doctorate from the Pontifical Catholic University Madre y Maestra, in the Dominican Republic. He is also Master of Canon Law at the Superior Pontifical Institute of Canon Law in Rio de Janeiro and has a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the Catholic University of Colombia. Most recently, he received his Doctorate in Canon Law from the University of St. Thomas Aquinas, more commonly known as the Angelicum, in Rome.


Our curriculum consists of three key components:

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  • A Catholic Spiritual Guidance Program offered by Lumen Veritatis Academy
  • A 21st century teaching methodology that places a focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration
  • An extensive co-cirrucular program where every child participates in various activities conducted by professionals from reputable Canadian Institutions as a part of their daily schedule. This includes physical education, music, ballet, karate, drama and gymnastics.
  • Please click here for a summary of fees.
  • Since our religion program is quite extensive, please download the course outline by clicking here




Children are natural researchers with a desire to learn about the world and move through it. They interpret the world around them through experiences and Guiding Light Academy aims to build on their development in the following key areas:

Spiritual Development

As a part of our spiritual development program, Lumen Veritatis Academy will provide an educational atmosphere that fosters values and practice of the truths of the Catholic Church.

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Language Development

Educators engage children in activities to encourage reading comprehension, vocabulary development, grammar and written expression. ‘Interactive’ reading facilitated by the educator will help develop their imagination and critical thinking skills.

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Physical Development

Physical development is nurtured in all aspects of your child’s experience at Guiding Light Academy as we strongly believe that structured physical activity not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but enhances overall coordination and self discipline.

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Intellectual Development

At Guiding Light Academy students learn to represent themselves and their thoughts through painting, sculpting, sketches, crafts and other activities.

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Social Development

Guiding Light Academy arranges for students to participate in giving back to the community and assisting the less fortunate.

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Latest from the blog

  • Fun with Math Day 3: Fractions and Pizza!

    Fun with Math Day 3: Fractions and Pizza!

    On the third day of Fun with Math Week, the students were in for an exciting and surprising day! Today’s math topic focused on fractions and decimals. Students were pizza chefs for the day! Students had to complete different training activities in order to be ready to open up the Guiding Light Academy Pizza Parlour. The day started off with students making chef hats to set the mood as they went through various “training sessions” which all related to different fraction activities.

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  • Day Two: Measurement

    Day Two: Measurement

    Today the theme for “Fun with Math” was measurement.  Students participated in many activities that had them moving all over the school.  The students continued competing in their three separate teams and participated in track and field type events such as long jump and relay races.  The students measured time and distance using different tools.  The most exciting event of the day was the scavenger hunt.  Students were given a sheet with 20 different boxes and were asked to find the 20 different questions that were hidden around the school.

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  • Fun with Math!

    Fun with Math!

    Monday March 9, Guiding Light Academy kick started its first ever “Fun with Math Week”. All classes participated in different activities prepared by the teachers that focus on learning new math concepts, strengthening the skills that have already been learned and having a great time while doing it. The grade 3 -6 combined into one group and were divided into three separate teams. Each team was asked to select a team name as well as invent their own cheer. For the rest of the week the groups will be known as; the Monster Triangles, the Robotics Cube and finally, the Vicious Subtractors.

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  • Writer’s Workshop

    Writer’s Workshop

    The students of Grade 2 are working hard with their writing skills.
    They have written Personal Narratives which are stories about themselves.
    They have learnt that Personal Narratives have a beginning, a middle and an ending.
    They have followed some steps to help them achieve their goal.

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  • Launch of our Sunday Religion Program

    Launch of our Sunday Religion Program

    On March 8th, 2015 Guiding Light Academy and Lumen Veritatis had the successful launch of our Sunday Religion Program. Children and parents from the different parishes around Mississauga visited our school and participated in the program. The positive feedback was greatly appreciated and hence we shall be launching our next session after Easter.

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  • Learning a new instrument

    Learning a new instrument

    There’s some new tunes being heard here at Guiding Light Academy! Our Grade 3, 4, 5, and 6 students are learning to play the recorders! The recorder is a great beginner instrument to introduce students to reading musical notes and rhythm. Students are always very excited and eager to learn new songs as new notes and rhythms are being introduced!

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    GLA had a visit from Kamini, the Dental Hygienist from Heritage House Dental. Students learned about what it means to have a healthy smile ☺. Kamini introduced cavities to the students by reading the book Free The Sugar Bugz by Susanna Mosli. In this story Kylie’s mother tells her to brush her teeth before bed, but Kylie doesn’t understand what the big deal is about brushing her teeth, so she decides to trick her mother. Throughout this story the children learned about how important it is to brush our teeth and get rid of “sugar bugs”.

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  • Tissue Box Aquariums

    Tissue Box Aquariums

    The students of Guiding Light Academy recycled tissue boxes and turned them into colourful Aquariums.
    The students artistically cut and coloured fish. The fish were then mounted on cardboard paper to keep firm.
    The tissue boxes were cut along the opening and each box was painted blue to give a water effect.
    When the paint was dry, gravel was glued onto the floor of the box.

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  • The True Meaning Of Lent

    The True Meaning Of Lent

    On February 13, 2015, the students of Guiding Light Academy participated in two sessions of a Lenten retreat. The theme for the Grades 2 through 6 was the ‘History and origins of Lent’. With a great emphasis of what it means in growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ. The Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten along with Grade 1 delved into the history of the Stations of the Cross followed by a craft of coloring their very own stations.

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  • 100th Day of School

    100th Day of School

    Today, the 19th of February, marks the 100th day of School! The students of our JK and SK class have been counting down the days since the start of school in September!

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  • Geometry!


    Nearing the end of January, the Grade 3 and 4 students are near the end of their Geometry Math Unit! They have been focusing on topics of angles, figures and solids. For the upcoming weeks, students are excited to use their knowledge of figures and solids and creativity skills to create their very own castle! They have some very great ideas and we are looking forward to seeing how they turn out!

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  • The Nativity Play at the Christmas Gala Dinner

    The Nativity Play at the Christmas Gala Dinner

    ongratulations to our students at Guiding Light Academy for the success of the Nativity Play at the Christmas Gala Event! It was so amazing to see all the talent and dedication our students had to offer. With training by MF Music and teachers at Guiding Light, the students learned some great techniques to make them even better singers and performers!

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  • Christmas at Guiding Light Academy

    Christmas at Guiding Light Academy

    Christmas does not begin with the birth of Christ, but rather, it begins at the very beginning. It begins with our creation and the creation of the world. Christmas happened because of the humility and wisdom of one very special girl. Christmas happened because of her obedience to God and her openness to His will. Christmas happened because Mary said yes…

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  • Field trip to the Ontario Science Centre

    Field trip to the Ontario Science Centre

    On Friday November 7th, our students had the exciting opportunity to take a field trip to the Ontario Science Centre! Students were eager to see and further explore what they have learned in their science classes.

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  • Grandparents Day

    Grandparents Day

    Friday November 14, 2014 was a special day at Guiding Light Academy.
    The students wanted to show their love and appreciation to their grandparents for all they have done for them and to say a special thank you for always being the wind beneath their wings.
    Grandparents Day celebration started with a special assembly dedicated to the grandparents.

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  • Guiding Light Remembers!

    Guiding Light Remembers!

    On Tuesday November 11, the staff and students gathered in an intimate and solemn ceremony for Remembrance Day. The school was informed on the background of Remembrance Day and the history of the poppy and how it came to be a symbol of remembrance. We gathered in prayer to pray for the souls of all those who lost their lives in war and for those who are still suffering the effects of war today.

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  • All Saints’ Day

    All Saints’ Day

    On Friday October 31, Guiding Light Academy celebrated All Saints’ Day with its students. The students have been working on their costumes and saint presentation for days and their hard work paid off. Every single student had the opportunity to present their Saint and provide everyone with information on the saint’s life and we are very happy with the result of their hard work.

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  • Teaching Virtues: Justice

    Teaching Virtues: Justice

    The Teaching of Virtues is, according to educators, the key element in the formation of the Character. As a consequence, the final reward is very fulfilling: the formation of happy and mature adults. We briefly discuss the virtue of Justice.
    Recently, Pope Francis explained how ‘the world’s prescribed cure for crime – punishment, should never overtake the pursuit for social justice”. By definition, the virtue of Justice “is the moral virtue that consists in the constant and firm will to give their due to God and neighbour.”As educators, how can we help our children to receive the indelible benefits of this pivotal virtue?

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  • Circle of Life

    Circle of Life

    They have learnt that a Life Cycle is a circle of life from birth to death.
    All animals begin life as eggs, the eggs begin to grow and change. A new animal begins to form.

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  • Thank you God for…

    Thank you God for…

    The JK/SK class has been learning about our Traditional Canadian Celebration of Thanksgiving. We had class discussions about what it means to give thanks and what we can thank God for. They learned a new song:

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  • Pointillism


    Pointillism is an effective tool of art which enhances the creativity of students. It encourages them to build skills like precision, concentration and patience.

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  • Know thyself

    Know thyself

    Over the many years, parents have asked what was my teaching philosophy; with the fear of sounding out of touch, let me begin by outlining the approach. Many people believe that St. John Bosco and his approach is something new innovative and completely revolutionary. In reality, as a good Catholic educator or as Holy Scripture says in Matthew 13:52 that a good scribe taking a good from the past and bring it forward. St. John Bosco’s principal of using religion and reason seems to echo St. Anselm’s Faith seeking understanding, and also many other scholastics over the years trying to make sense of the scientific and metaphysical nature of the world; St. John Bosco would simplified and make it clear for the youth.

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  • First Aid and CPR Training

    First Aid and CPR Training

    On Monday October 6, Guiding Light Academy had its first Professional Development Day (P.D Day). All staff gathered at the school to receive First Aid training from the Red Cross. The course was specialized in dealing with emergency situations dealing with both adults and children.

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  • Crayon Melting

    Crayon Melting

    The students of Guiding Light Academy did some amazing art by melting crayons.
    They arranged crayons in shades of different colours and stuck them on canvas.
    Students then melted the crayons with a hair-dryer and enjoyed the enthralling experience of the crayons melting and merging with one another.

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  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?

    Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?

    This week the Kindergarten class has been exploring colours. Students have been introduced to the primary colours (red, yellow, blue). Painting using primary colours on the class colour wheel, students discovered 3 other colours were missing. Questions arose: “what other colours go in the empty spaces?”

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  • Field Trip to the Canadian Martyrs’ Shrine in Midland

    Field Trip to the Canadian Martyrs’ Shrine in Midland

    On Friday September 26th, our school went on its first field trip of the year. Staff and students were blessed with a beautiful day at the Canadian Martyrs’ Shrine in Midland. As a school we were able to celebrate our first mass together and receive a special blessing with the relics of the Canadian martyrs.

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  • Jolly Phonics!

    Jolly Phonics!

    As part of a Teacher’s Workshop we participated in the training for the Jolly Phonics Program. Guiding Light Academy welcomed Susan Whittaker from Jolly Reading to train the entire staff on the Jolly Phonics methodology. Susan discussed the benefits of Jolly Phonics over a traditional phonics program and taught us how to incorporate it into our classrooms.

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  • Inauguration Ceremony of our school

    Inauguration Ceremony of our school

    The Inauguration Ceremony of our school Guiding Light Academy was held on Saturday September 20th, 2014.
    There was a buzz of excitement all around the school as the children, staff and management planned for the big day.
    The ceremony started at 11.00 am and the occasion was graced by our Local Counsellor Mr. George Carlson, our MPP Mrs. Lisa Macleod and Rev. Fr. Jose David.

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  • This Is The Day That Lord Has Made

    This Is The Day That Lord Has Made

    Here we go on this glorious day in September. Our Grade 5/6 class are looking and taking apart the great question of “Who Is God?” Of course there were two different approaches that we can use we can list the attributes of God — pure and simply God is love, God is all-powerful etc. but truly there are other ways than the tried and true rote memory.

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  • Inauguration of Guiding Light Academy

    Inauguration of Guiding Light Academy

    These past few weeks, the staff and students of the school worked extremely hard in preparing for the first of many major events occurring at the Academy. Staff, students, families and friends gathered together on Saturday September 20th to celebrate the official inauguration of Guiding Light Academy.

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  • Apples, Apples, Apples!

    Apples, Apples, Apples!

    This week the JK/SK class has been learning all about APPLES! Students explored what an apple is, how they grow and different ways to use them in food we eat.

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  • Budding Mathematicians

    Budding Mathematicians

    Our Budding Mathematicians in Grade 2 have been busy sorting concrete objects, they have recognised that objects have different attributes.

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  • Cursive Writing at Guiding Light Academy

    Cursive Writing at Guiding Light Academy

    Whatever inherited level of sensory-motor coordination people may have, they can always improve on it with practice. Most parents observe this when teaching a child to throw and catch a ball. Think about what is going on in the brain as such learning progresses.

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  • Journey of Faith

    Journey of Faith

    As we reach the halfway point to the month of September, I would guess that everyone would be curious as to what their children are learning in the various religion classes.

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